Friday, August 16, 2013

Coming to you college side

It's official; I am now a college student. I never thought this day would come, but here it is. This is my second day here in my new home, and so far I am loving everything about it. My roommates are the cutest and have the same sense of humor as Brittani and I do. For example last night I was singing/belting "Always look of the bright side of life" when on cue Brittani says "It smells like snails". Our roommates laughed their heads off and decided that that experience needed to go on our quote wall. GUYS, we have a quote wall. Talk about exciting. 
^^^this is us trying to do a "D" for Dixie.
Our room is startin to take form, and I actually really like it. Organization.
We made wonton salad tonight. Adulthood. 
We went swimming last night. Bliss.
The weather is nice and toasty. Happiness.
The best news I have to share though is that *drumroll I GOT A JOB. That's right my lovely readers, second day here and I already have a job. Thanks to Jess for hooking me up!
So just an update for everyone: I'm here and doing just wonderfully. 

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