Friday, August 23, 2013

First week officially as a college student

Well my first week of college has been full of events and uncertainty. I can't even remember everything I've done, but I'll do my best to remember. Let's see where did I leave off?
Saturday: We (meaning Brittani and I) were going to go camping out in the wilderness with our roommates and their friends, but I decided to take a nap instead-yeah I'm such a grandma I know.
Sunday: We went to church and saw many new faces. I then went to Jessica's for dinner and stuffed my face full. On my way back from dinner I stopped at my friend Jenessa's house to give her a surprise visit and she ended up going to a fireside with me. At the fireside I met people and found out quickly that hugging people is the thing to do. After the fireside we had ward prayer over to our new bishops house. I got there late so I just said amen and ate the food.
Monday: For the kick of event Dixie held a carnival, and it was quite delightful. We ate cotton candy, snow cones and got air brush tattoos. 

Tuesday: I started my first day of college. I got dressed and headed to my English class. My English teacher is adorable and also pregnant. Then I had Psychology and I think I am really going to enjoy that class the most. We are going to be studying the lifespan and everything in between. My final class for the day was Communications; let's hope and pray that this class can make me less awkward. After all my classes I had a couple hours to start on homework and then I had institute later that night.
Wednesday: Brittani and I went to the gym where I ran and worked out for the first time in a really, and I mean really, long time. After the gym I went to my First Year Experience (FYE) Nursing class. It was an alright class. My teacher says it will be the best class, so I won't judge until a few weeks in. That night we had a mentalist come and do a show for us. It was pretty neat I won't lie, but after seeing the movie "Now You See Me", I was super skeptical of everything he did. 
Thursday: I had the same classes as Tuesday, and enjoyed them more than earlier in the week. I ran another mile. I went to a institute meet and great and didn't really meet anyone new-I'm just too awkward and I blush WAY too much. We then got snow cones and watched the proposal. 

-A little update on the whole job ordeal: I no longer have a job. The lady said they found someone who could work everyday, and that was essentially what they were looking for. So here I am again unemployed. It's enjoyable and not so enjoyable.
-Oh yeah, my family has been at Lake Powell all week while I'm here experiencing college. I'd rather be there, but alas I'm here. I did get a text from my dad saying, "Loving you from the lake". Thanks dad.

Well it's the weekend for me. What am I going to do? Catch up on homework--already. All my roommates have work so I'll have the house to myself, so luckily it will be quiet enough to study. I wish I had friends or something exciting to do, but I don't. I'm in that awkward stage of college where I haven't quite found my spot here in this unfamiliar place. I'm hoping this phase will be a short one. 

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