Monday, July 1, 2013


Today I am happy. Want to know why? Well I guess there is more than one reason. 
The first reason is that it is officially July. I love July because to me it's when summer really starts to kick in. We have the fireworks, the bbq's, the family reunions, and the really hot days where all you want to do is jump in a pool, fully clothed. July also means Stadium of Fire and Provo days; Two of my favorite things.
The second reason is because I was able to use the wonderful technology we have, to Skype someone in Spain I have never met before. This boy was just released as a missionary last week, and served with someone I adore very much. We wrote letters and emails to each other the last part of his mission, and just because he was now home didn't mean we wanted to stop talking. So today I came up with the brillant idea to Skype each other and within a couple minutes there we were conversing with each other face to face--or computer screen to computer screen. 
I have a smile on my face, a real true genuine smile.
It feels nice to have one again.
They have felt so foreign to me lately.

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