Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bachelorette ramblings

It's always said to be the most dramatic season finale yet, but that Chris Harrison wasn't kidding this time. While this finale has been pretty dramatic, I was still hoping for something really exciting. I guess that's why they say dramatic instead of exciting, or draw dropping, or some other neat adjective. 
So let's get real here
-Drew is still the best looking, and I wouldn't mind him converting to mormonism and going on a date with me.
-Drew telling the cameras to leave was...well you know, real stuff.
-Oh yay, another poem from Chris.
-I always thought Antigua was pronounced An-tee-gwah, not An-tee-ga.
-Brooks has always said his feelings were behind.
-Des stated she loved Brooks a couple weeks ago.
-"Do you have commitment issues?"
-The awkward meet on the beach. 
-"Hey you don't know this yet, but I'm breaking up with you" hug.
-Please don't cry. Be a man and rub some dirt in it.
-Saying "you're breaking my heart" isn't going to make him love you. 
-Let it all out sista. Let the tears fall.
-And she loved you from the start...this just got real.
-I don't hate Brooks.
-I don't hate Des.
-I hate love and all of it's complexities. 

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Sheliah said...

"be a man rub some dirt in it." did Chloe just make a She's the man reference! I'm so proud! but for real, another poem from chris, shocker. and drew is the finest thing ever! agreed!