Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend highlights

This weekend was quite the enjoyable one. It was especially enjoyable because I had been working everyday this week and was ready for something fun. 

-Thursday night (yes not the weekend yet, but still fun nevertheless) I went on a date. Don't worry peeps I'm eighteen and have been on 5 dates. But it's ok because I'm awkward and would probably weird guys out. Anyway we got snow cones and saw Now You See Me. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Go see it at least once. 
-Friday night I went and saw a friend compete in the Miss Northern Utah County pageant, and she was just adorable.
-During the pageant the judges swayed their table lamps in the air while the emcee sang a slow song. I was dying of laughter. Glad the judges were enjoying themselves.
-Saturday I got to visit one of my favorite families on this entire planet. Amanda has always been the coolest chick and will continue to do so till the end of time. Her kids are my favorite and I have missed them dearly.
-Also on Saturday I had a family reunion. There is nothing better than holding babies, eating Aunt Joyce's fresh apricot pie and ice cream and swinging on my favorite rope swing.
-Today I got to snuggle with the fatest baby for an hour.
-Today I also got to be with all of my sunbeams, and held my most favorite on my lap the whole hour.

Only 19 more days till I move out, and 21 days until I start college.
I'm a jumbled mess. 

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Amanda said...

Yay for a Robbins family visit!! Thank you, Come again!! Love your face!!!