Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Break

College is a wonderful thing because laying on the floor and couches until two in the morning is found acceptable--that is, if it's fall break, and guess what--it is.

Last night we sat around doing absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful. We talked, we laughed, we sat contently and there is nothing I would have rather been doing. This morning we slept in, then made waffles while watching The Incredibles. It's nice not having any cares. I wish it was always fall break.

Today my second family, the Evans, are coming down to visit for fall break, and I could not be any more ecstatic. Since I'm not going home, it only makes sense that people are coming to visit me. We plan on being absolutely hilarious, and I'm sure we will all have six packs by the end of this week.

The only downer to this weekend is that I have to work. Stupid work. I wish I had a money tree right about now. I mean work isn't that bad; it's just having to wake up early to get there that really stresses me out. 

I miss my sunbeams. I miss little kids. Anytime I see a baby, or small child, I just want to play with them all day. And sometimes I feel like a pedophile. It's fine really. 

My mom just visited me, or should I say switched me cars, and embarrassed the crap out of me. Isn't that what mom's are for? Good thing I love her. 

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