Saturday, September 21, 2013


We've passed the one month mark ladies and gentlemen. How time flies. I'm happy to say that the past month has been an adventurous one. Things are slowly, but surely, falling into place. I just finished my second week at my new work, and I'm already attached to half the people I work with. Old people just say the darndest things. 
On my one month mark, I spoke in sacrament meeting. Nothing says "welcome" like speaking in front of a bunch of people you don't know. Actually it was a huge blessing because people got to know my name, and now talk to me. Hooray for making new friends. My ward is quite the neat one. I think I'll keep them. 
My friend Jenessa and I have been trying to hang out as much as possible before she leaves on her mission in two weeks. We met at EFY two years ago, and finally live in the same city so we can hang out. It's definitely a bitter-sweet experience. We are becoming so close just to part ways again. At least I'll be turning her over to the Lord's hands. 
I've lived a good life. I've lived a hard life. To put it simply, I've lived a life--
Just a thought. 
College is weird. It's full of hours and hours of studying just to be given more things to study for hours upon hours. I took my first psychology exam, and I am more than pleased to announce that I got a 90%. I also took my first Communications test the same day, and although I do not know the score I got, I'm pretty sure I rocked it. 
I've had my first sickness while being a college student. The cold seems to great me more than the average human, but with a few rub downs of some doTERRA oils, and a uber vitamin packed smoothy, I am healed. Thank the oil gods. 
The BYU vs. Utah game is on tonight. Wait you didn't know that? Pretty sure everyone and their met chameleon knew that. Maybe if I understood football I'd watch it.
I can't wait for fall. But with fall comes my vibrant colored mountains--that I can't see. 

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Em said...

Don't worry too much, instagram gets plastered with alpine loop photos every year. You can get your fix. I keep asking after you. Hope you are living large like this: