Sunday, July 21, 2013


On Sundays between noon and two o'clock you will find me with some of the cutest kids. These cute kids would be the sunbeams, and they sure bring sunlight into my life. My parents teach them, and I go in because I'm an adult now and can do what I want. They say some of the darndest things that keep me laughing for days. They are each others best friends, and my best friends as well. Being a teach to these cute little sunbeams can be demanding. All they want is to talk, have snack time, and be held, and most of the time I do not object. We learn about important things in sunbeams. We learn about families, Moses, mana, the five senses, nature, animals, Joseph Smith, and many many more important thing. 

One of the hardest parts of moving to go to school will be having to leave these cute ones behind. I want to watch them grow and be their godmother for all eternity. Today just my dad and I taught class, and we took the little ones outside for snack time. Today my dad didn't teach to much of the lesson, but rather let them talk about their families. Goodness they are the cutest little things. As we walked to and from the building we all held on to a rope to stay together. I felt like the mother duck and they were all my ducklings as we all walked in a line.
These babies, that's what my family calls them, are so innocent. Little miss princess Elaya calls chickens "shickens", and has the cutest little voice. And miss Ever can stand like a flamingo in a moments notice. Miss Emma has dimples a mile deep (look above). Little mister Maxy Loo tries to be a tough little guy, but can't resist a good snuggle on someones lap. Mister Talmage always announces "ladies first" whenever it comes to snack time. Little Liam gets sleepy during sharing time, but if he can stay awake he is a joy to be around. And shy little Dallin is oh so quite, but I can see him coming out of his shell and starting to let me talk to him.

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam.

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